scanning part two // tape

today I attempted to scan some tape clusters i've been accumulating for months, excited still by the success i found in scanning cellophane, and found some, uh, different results. NOT NECESSARILY BAD but I guess the tape had an inherent disadvantage to the cellophane just because it lacked the shininess that was so gaudy and exciting.

now, with all of that said, i really really like the shapes of these scans. I was searching initially for more texture when I though to scan these tape clusters, but i think they'd make nice little trees or something.

like this, this could be a happy little tree. but this one looks a little angry.

just foilin' around

sometimes we as a people make discoveries!

Today, I as a people made a discovery that was pretty fun. I've had this translucent, light blue cellophane laying around the studio for a few months, just waiting to be appreciated. And today, I found a reason to appreciate it. So, it turns out, when you cut a little bit off and cram it into a scanner and fold it and do it again and fold it and do it again and fold it and do it again and fold it and do it again, you can get some pretty cool, and pretty, and cool, results. All in all I folded and scanned and refolded and scanned this in 9 times to get a pretty radical set of textures. The colors were brilliant and wonderfully plasticine. Thank you, cellophane, for being patient with me.

To see the collective product of my scans, please click here.