scanning part 4 // put your whole body into it

"cassidy, I think you are forgetting something," says my brain. "I forget a lot of things," I reply, "and it's mostly your fault."

We argue for a while but eventually settle on remembering the anatomy book I made of myself last fall. "That could be interesting to work with!" says my intuition, and my brain and myself both agree.

I had cut up some spare prints of my bones and muscles at a certain point in time to make a collage in my sketchbook, and I had some of those clipped pieces intact still, which I scanned in for a total of 12 new objects -- or are they textures?

It seems pretty awful to just refer to my body parts as objects.

scanning part 3 // relief printmaking

"hey cassidy," says my brain, "do you remember that one time you made art?"

thank you for reminding me, brain! If you hadn't, I might never have had the good idea to start scanning some old pieces of linocut prints I made in past semesters. I like these as objects and as textures.. I'll find something to do with them.